How To Build An Online Reputation That Improves Your Business: The Party Theory

How many times have you heard this?

“This salon has almost 5 stars on google. And it also has great prices!”
“This hotel has a 9/10, PERFECT!”
“Be careful, this pizza place only has 3 reviews”

DJ-snyder-review-blog-1Yes, but these are some of the reactions that your potential clients have when they find your business in the digital world.

These reactions, provoked by the opinion of your clients, are the ones that define your reputation, meaning, the good or bad.

And we all know that at some point you may have thought something like: “well they don’t even know how I prepare my product”, but whether you like it or not, your business depends on the opinion of your customers.

To help you understand this a little bit more, think of your social media as a new suggestion box, where good or bad comments are going to be in full view of everyone.

Now, what can you do to improve your online reputation? Well it’s really very simple: Every brand, product or service has a visible and an invisible part. The visible part is the one your customer can touch, feel or see, the invisible part is the one made by the values of your brand, ethics, and reputation.

To make it even more simple to understand, I’m going to ask you to think of a party, or more simply put THE PARTY THEORY:

Imagine that you’ve been selected as the party planner of a really important party, something like your daughter’s sweet 16, but in this case, your daughter is going to be your brand or company. The visible part mentioned above, is going to be the party itself, the place you’ve chosen for your guests to enjoy, the food they are going to taste, the drinks you are offering and even the music they are going to dance to, in a nutshell, the result of all of your hard work and planning.

However, the invisible part, that one that no one sees, or feels or touches, is the work itself, the planning part, and this is where you need to prove all of your potentials, for the party example, it is what you do or are willing to do for your party to be a success.

The first thing you need to establish is your budget, because you can’t expend more than what you have, for your brand, this will be the budget you have to invest in advertising campaigns, social media management, design, blogs, and something extremely important, how much TIME do you have to invest on it.

After that, you have to define the place you are going to have the party at, which for your company will be the media and tools you’ll use to release the benefits of your product or service, and how or where they can locate you.

Your guest list for the party will be none other than what you’ve previously done to be able to have a contact list, clients, and potential customers to whom you will send your messages (ie. building a sales lead marketing strategy via click funnel, lead pages, or MailChimp).

Now that you have a budget, a venue and a guest list, here comes the best part, now you have to choose and decide the amount and quality of the drinks and food your guests are going to enjoy, meaning, the quality your company has to offer through your services and products or the added value every customer can enjoy. Something like, “With the purchase of this product, you can get a free year of…”.

And, what does the music has to do with all of these? Easy, can you imagine a party at a great venue, with amazing food and drinks, but with bad music and terrible decorations? Your guests are not going to enjoy this party very much, will they? Now, can you imagine an advertising campaign with a poor-quality design or with a soundtrack that doesn’t seem to fit what you are offering? That would be wasted money, right? This is why it is so important that the images and soundtrack you’re going to use, are in charge of a professional.

But this doesn’t end here. You might feel like you’ve thrown the greatest party of all time, kind of like a “Project X” party, right? But wait, and we don’t want to disappoint you, even though you feel you’ve done your best, there are always going to be people that did not like what you have offered to them.

This is where one of the most important tools when it comes to building your online reputation enters: “Give quick and professional responses to critics” because you’ll need to manage this properly. If you consider that what you are seeing or reading is not true, contact that person directly or group of people so those critics are addressed promptly. Now, if these comments are true or have a justification, you need to respond to that quickly, but take those comments into careful consideration. This is very valuable feedback and can be very positive if you apply it while building your online brand.

Content Source: – How To Build An Online Reputation That Improves Your Business: The Party Theory


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