Top Sites And Apps To Help You With Marketing in 2018

Digital Media Entrepreneur

Here are my top pics on blogs and apps that have helped me run my brand successfully to this day.


This blog I like to call “the adventurer”, because, it shares original and complete articles, interviews with experts, opinions about the latest social media trends, and various news and information you need to make your marketing and social media strategies better.

To start consuming content straight away, you need to go straight to the tab “starting” where you’ll find a resource guide organized by categories: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Video, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Blogging, Visual Content, and Podcasting.


Neil Patel is the founder of this blog, he’s an expert on increasing the incomes of companies like Amazon, NBA, and HP. He publishes his articles every two or three days, and in his posts, he writes about link building, blogging, and SEO. But the best thing this blog has to offer is its guides.

I recommend the blog post “The complete guide to building your personal brand”, trust me, its genius.


Behind this blog, there is a team of marketing experts that share their talent almost every day, with their experience and knowledge in Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Influencers, Social Media and SEO. The best way to navigate through this blog is to go directly to the tab called “more” where you’ll find all of their content perfectly classified by categories and themes.


Jeff Bullas is one of the top marketing and business gurus around. In his blog, he shares his knowledge about social media, blogging and social networks.

On the right sidebar you’ll see a window with his most popular posts, and on the tab “BOOK” you’ll be able to buy his e-book with all the secrets to having a successful blog.

He is also a big collaborator on some popular media sites like Forbes, The Huffington Post and The New York Times.


Here is where big experts share their best advice, tools, and points of view to help you work on your SEO, Link building, Analytics and so much more to improve your skills in Digital Marketing.

Their tab “YOUMOZ” is really interesting and is created by the readers of Moz themselves.


Known as one of THE most innovative marketing pioneers, Seth Godin has written 17 books in more than 35 languages, that are also considered Best Sellers across the world. On his blog you’ll find everything related to marketing, leadership, the continuous changes of the post-industrial era, and many subjects that will help you centre your efforts in an effective way on the market these days.


This is the social network of content and slides by excellence. It allows you to upload PowerPoint files and visualize them on the web with an attractive format, easy to read on mobile devices and to share on social media. It also gives you visualization statistics and people can download your material (if you authorize it) and make or receive comments. Another two things Slideshare has to offer are:

  • Follow your favourite sources and references (and it lets you know when there are new publications).
  • Classifying your content by categories and interests to share, including them in your blog or posting it on your LinkedIn profile.


It’s an indicator for the most relevant information, viral content and trending subjects on searchers and social networks. It has an alert system that tells you when a news from your sector or your interests list starts becoming viral. Contents related happen without you having to do new searches. It’s ideal to do market studies and following what stands out the most in your social networks field.

                                                                                Top Apps


This app is available for both Android and iPhone to create videos from motion recordings or pictures from your mobile gallery. You can edit this audiovisual content, add effects, text, or soundtracks with defined music style. It’s ideal to share on social media and Youtube. The premium version offers many more editing possibilities, facial recognition, and effects.


Available on iPhone and Android. Has the ability to compress, create and edit videos that can last for 1 minute. It offers several personalization options to create video collages and share the material on various social networks. You can add up to 6 GIF files or videos (up to 1 minute each) for the project. You can also add music that you have saved on your device, allowing you to shorten the segment of the video or the song you want to add. It has several frames to compose your video collages, and it offers several background patterns and image rotation. The paid version allows you to create and personalize subtitles.


When you need to be quick and don’t have much knowledge about design tools, Canva becomes essential for editing images for social networks and websites. It’s a really intuitive tool, easy to use and it offers templates with a variety of professional designs.


If you are interested in creating infographics to explain diverse context on social networks, this tool will allow you to do it in a very simple way.


Being a site very similar to Canva, it has a larger amount of resources to edit images. For example, it has more title shapes, emojis, images, backgrounds and others.


An app to insert text on your pics. It’s really simple because it doesn’t have many options, but allows you to give a personal touch to your pics.

It’s different from others apps as it includes other Adobe functions and a wall where you’re able to see inspiring creations from other people. However, it’s still only available for IOS.


Don’t know how to approach your messages on social media? With this tool for social media and community managers it would be much easier because it can see what others can’t, by making an analysis of people’s interest and comments. This helps you personalize your messages and know how to approach your social media messaging depending on the audience.

It’s a free working tool that you only have to pay for the data you want to obtain.


Fiverr is the world’s largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs that want to focus on growth & create a successful business at affordable costs. You can literally find someone that will manage your social media or branding for 5 bux!


You can have Access to all of your reports from Google Analytics thanks to this app, with an optimized design to clearly see every function of the platform from your Tablet or smartphone. It’s a very useful app to monitor and correct your marketing campaigns anywhere. With this you can:

  • Make personalize reports and predetermined segments,
  • See and compare reports by number of views, acquisitions or conversions,
  • Have Access to every report from the accounts you manage.

I’m sure many of you have found other blogs and apps as well that are very useful for branding, if so I would love to hear your comments and suggestions!

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