4 Reasons Why Some Brands Get More Likes than Others

Gone are the days where you would send a personal message to someone. Nowadays, all you need is a “like” to show your interest in the brand or company, but what happens if you’re not getting as many of those “likes” as you hoped for? We are social media marketing company which provide you all this social stuff (i.e likes, followers, posts) to grow your business on social media.

Here are 4 reasons why your brand might not be getting as many likes as others:

If you don’t like them, then why should they? Many brands communicate with other brands, other people, liking and commenting on their posts. If you’re not doing this, chances are, others wouldn’t like or comment back either because you have not formed that bond with them.

Be current, be up to date. Other brands keep up with the latest trends, even if it does mean losing a little bit of the essence of the brand. Keeping up with what’s “hot” and the latest trends keep you up to date. No one likes to see brands that are old news.

They all want a good story. Create a story about your brand. How was it created? How did it get here? Consumers like to know where the brand is from and what’s behind it. You will notice the brands with a stronger background get more likes because the consumers feel like they know the brand.

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